Payment Methods
We offer three different methods to pay for your BHR NFT. You can either pay with a credit card via Stripe payment (custodial option), or pay with ETH through Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask Wallet (non-custodial options).
Credit Card Payment (Custodial)
If you have ever purchased a share of stock before, you have most likely experience what's called "custodial ownership." If you buy a share of Tesla, your broker doesn't mail you that share for you to hold on to it. Instead, they act as your Custodian and keep the share safe for you. When you pay for your BHR NFT with a credit card, the blockchain minting of the NFT happens the same way as other payment methods, but instead of you holding the NFT, we keep it safe and secure for you. Gas fees are still incurred in the minting process, but when you pay with a credit card, we cover the gas fees for you.
If you decide later that you want to withdraw it to your own non-custodial wallet, then you can move it out and store it yourself. You will be responsible for gas fees associated with the transfer.
Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask Wallet (Non-Custodial)
You can pay for your BHR NFT with ETH using either Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask Wallet. Both of these wallet options work the same way. When you use either of these methods, the NFT will be minted directly to your wallet, and it is up to you to keep it secure. You must also pay the gas fees associated with the transaction. Gas fees do not go to Blockchain Home Registry, and vary throughout the day. Because of optimizations we have made, BHR gas fees are comparatively affordable in the $10-25 range.
Note that it is important to have sufficient funds in your wallet for both the purchase of your BHR NFT and any potential gas fees. If you have less than the required ETH in your wallet, your wallet may not be able to calculate the correct gas fee, and may show you an exorbitantly high (although incorrect) amount in the thousands of dollars in fees. As long as you have sufficient funds in your wallet, then gas fees should be calculated correctly.
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