Issues when connecting both Coinbase and MetaMask
If you have both MetaMask and Coinbase wallet extensions set up in your browser, this can lead to issues connecting to the BHR site. If you find that you are having issues such as the wrong extension coming up when you try to sign in to view your account, we recommend first disconnecting all wallet accounts in both extensions, and then starting over.
To disconnect MetaMask, open the extension, and then click the "Connected" button in the upper left.
One the next screen, click "Disconnect this account"
To disconnect Coinbase, open the extension and click into your settings (the top rightmost button). On the settings view, click "Dapp connections"
Click the red unlink icon next to This will disconnect Coinbase from the site.
When you go to connect again, you may see both extensions pop up. You should choose the wallet where your NFT is held, and close and ignore the other extension.
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